Sunday 3rd September – Elm Pool Decoy – Wade and Pairs Cup

The final round of the Wade Cup and also  the Pairs Cup was fished at Elm Pool at Decoy.
The draw for the Pairs Cup wasn't held until the end of the match so no angler knew who their partner was.
On a rather windy day the Club choose to fish towards the bottom end of the lake away from the car park.

The winner on the day, which turned out to be a very close match was Ray Torrington on Peg 6. Ray fished all day on 2 + 1 using catmeat with just a small amount of meat as feed for a weight of 165lb 12oz.
A very close second was Jon Bowland on Peg 16. Totally different tactics he fished dead maggot over micro pellet in the margin for a weight of 164lb 15oz. Third was Tony Johnson on Peg 15. Tony fished dead maggot over caster in the margin for a weight of 155lb 3oz. 95% of his fish where barbel.

At the end of the match the pairs draw was carried out and this year's winners where Jon Bowland and Phil Price with a combined weight of 266lb 3oz.
The winner of the Wade Cup was Ray Torrington with a combined weight of 465lb 9oz over the 3 matches.

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