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Coming to River Near You

Welland & Nene Weed Cutting Operations 2020The Environment Agency Field Operations Teams are commencing weed cutting in our area.Cutting on the River Glen began in May. The River Welland starting in Spalding will commence in June and upstream towards Market Deeping within July. Cutting the River Nene in Northampton will start in June. These programmes…
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Coming to a peg near you

Island Launched The club has been investigating the benefits of floating islands for Horseshoe Lake. The head bailiff, Ray Torrington said, ‘Fish tend to congregate around safe areas with abundant food, and at Horseshoe this is the reed beds by peg 9 and peg 35.  This gives these pegs an advantage over others on some…
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DSJAC – TV is Back

The latest video features Tony Johnson demonstrating how to catch Carp and Bream on the pole or waggler during a short session at Horseshoe Lake.He shows you the equipment, rigs and the tactics he uses in two positions to maximise catches. For simplicity during Covid restrictions he uses baits we have at home. Take a…
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Refuge is Ready and Waiting

If you are planning an early trip to the Fish Refuge from Wednesday 13th have a thought for the volunteers that have cleared all the pegs of knee high grass in the last few days.Without volunteers to do this your fishing would be a little more uncomfortable.Keeping pegs clear in the Refuge and on the…
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