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catch-silhouette-greyWe are always interested in what comes out of our waters, and the other club members are interested as well.
If you would like to add a catch report, use the comments form below.
You decide how much information you give! :- location / peg number, numbers of fish, baits etc

23 Responses

  1. Tony Johnson
    15th March - Horseshoe Lake Didn't know what to expect this morning forecast was for strong winds, so was surprised how sheltered the lake was especially after been blown about opening the top gate. Most of the pegs were quite sheltered around the back (pegs 15 to 19) so decided to sit on 19 as this allowed me to fish the pole with the wind off my back. Set up a method for to fish the far bank and the pole at 9m slightly to my right. Feed the pole line with three balls of groundbait laced with chop worm, maggots and pinkies, before chucking the method to the far bank allowing the pole line to settle for an hour. After 45 minutes and half a dozen cast search the peg with the method finally nailed a 4lb common. Another ball of feed on the pole line and time for a look. Put on a two red maggots and a roach soon snaffled those, not what I was expecting. Next drop in and same result, time for a bait change and on with half a worm. This time the float disappeared and a small stock carp was soon in the landing net. This pattern continued for the next thirty minutes, before three nice bream fell for the trap. Soon enough the bites slowed and another ball of feed was introduced and this time something a little larger was pulling the elastic out of the pole to the tune of a nice double figure common. Further carp and bream kept on coming for the rest of the morning, including some nice bream to 5lb and a stunning 15lb common. My morning session ended with twelve carp and over twenty bream, so the fish are on the feed, so make good use of the time left this season while you can. Hopefully see some of you on the final club day at Horseshoe on the 31st March.
  2. Tony Johnson
    17th June - Horseshoe Lake Had a nice mornings fishing on Father's Day with my Dad. We fished pegs 29 & 30, we both fished on the pole and targeted the bream and tench. After sorting Dad out (including some of my rigs) and his set. up and bait, he was soon into some decent bream and a cracking tench around the 6lb mark. About 45 mins later I got myself sorted and again was soon catching decent bream to 4lb. We both fished worm, over chopped worm and groundbait with a few micros added into the mix. In all we had in the region of 100lb of bream and that tench between us, not many places you can catch 100lb of silvers in a morning and not one carp hooked between us either.
  3. Kevin Panks
    Evening session on 23rd May. Fish taking mixers off the top, noticed a bigger common lurking under the surface, threw a free line piece squeezed bread which the fish took on the drop. A steady cautious battle saw me landing what I thought was Trevor. After viewing the pictures of Trevor on the website it turns out it is not him. Unfortunately/ stupidly I did not have my scales but the fish is around 18lb. It has a well healed split in its front left pec. And a similar dorsel to Trevor. It has a black spot on its left side of its tail. If anyone knows the identity of this fish I would appreciate it. Apologise for not being able to help with its weight.
    • secretary
      Hi Kevin, Many thanks for catch post, a very nice fish. We have a few 'Trevor' impersonators in the lake, something we did not realise when putting Trevor in with an identifiable nick in the dorsal. Keep up the good work, look forward to reading more catch reports.
  4. Neil speechley
    Sunday 14 May at horseshoe lake peg 29 saw a slow start arriving at 7 saw five carp between 2 and 6 lb taken on chocolate orange wafted fished over 4mm krill pellets The rain came and adding sweet corn to the feed saw carp come thick and constant with a total of 24 fish mainly carp largest 10lb and totalling over 100lb and about 10lb of bream Best days fishing so far on lake even in the rain
  5. Steve Windsor
    17/5 Horseshoe. Peg 34 Had a plan to pick to attract and hold bream with sweetcorn. A couple of £1 bags of cheapo frozen Tesco corn let me put plenty of feed in. Took about an hour for the first bream to arrive then sport was steady. Had around 20 bream mostly the smaller stocked fish but one about 3lb and one about 5lb, a tench about 4lb and two rugby ball sized mirrors. Fished a sleeper rod with a lump of "popped up" bread near the weedbed to take four carp to double figures. Amazing day and nice when a plan comes together. Also saw a weighed and witnessed by a bailiff 19lb + carp landed off end of peninsular - part of a large bag of carp.
  6. Tony Johnson
    14th April 2018 Refuge - Stibbington Nice days fishing on the revamped refuge since all the dredging works were completed. Fished the deepened peg 2 on the pole and had a nice mixed bag of roach, bleak, dace, perch and even a nice 5lb tench. All were caught on maggot and or maggot and worm cocktail, fished over groundbait midway across. Unfortunately the pike did turn up and two small jacks to 3lb even took a liking to the maggot and worm hookbait and ended up in my landing net. My target species of bream failed to show, but the tench certainly made the day. There are plenty of fish to be caught, so well worth a day out down there, if your looking for a nice days fishing. There is some amounts of weed, but nowhere near the amount before all the works were done. I'll definitely be back down there in the near future.
  7. Steve kaye
    Brilliant end to my horseshoe sessions before the close season Off peg 19 fishing two rods managed to bag 8 mirrors,1tench,1bream,13 commons with the biggest being 17lb83/4 all taken on boilies off the bottom fished from 0630 to 13.00 all at distance to the far bank and lilies just shy of 180 lb all fish in pristine condition
  8. Neil speechley
    Peg 9 horseshoe lake fished well with 8mm pellets garlic and krill and chocolate orange pop ups 11 fish bream to 4lb 2 and carp to 5 lb 12 with 4 lost fished around reed bed and about 2 rod length away for the bream lovely day for first visit of new year
  9. Jim(Baliff)
    Fished peg 18 on 7/9/2017. Very slow from 7am only 3 small stockie mirrors, kept a steady dribble of bait going into margin and at 12.30 started to fish. Between this and 2pm I had 7 commons smallest 7lb and biggest just over 11lb with two breaching the 9lb mark. Bait was luncheon meat fished 2ft from bank. Angler on 16 also catching well and 33 had around 10 fish when I packed up.
    • secretary
      Well done and thanks Jim for setting up my session. I also fished 18 on 7/09/17 from 3 to 8pm, a couple of fish from the far bank and under the tree on the left, the carp came back around 7pm, free lined luncheon meat 2ft out. 9 fish last 5 from the margin biggest 9ish common.
  10. steve curtis
    Fished Horseshoe for 1st time today 30/5/17 peg 35 I had 3 bream 2 tench and 3 carp very enjoyable afternoon all credit to everyone involved on making it such a nice place .
    • secretary
      Hi Steve, Glad you had a good day, we had a brief chat as I fished as well. I look forward to seeing you at the lake and on the river. We have your email address so you will get our newsletter.
  11. Steve kaye
    Great finish to may,after a very slow start to a damp bank holiday Monday bagged a 18/10 common off peg 35 which took me straight into Lilley's but managed to bully it out,caught on a 15mm wafter,this is a personal PB for horseshoe so chuffed,another 6 followed between 6/10 and one tench on chickpea
  12. Peter Barwell
    Just to say that big bream do exist in the refuge. Tues 11th April at about 5.30pm a 4lb bream on red and white maggot cocktail less than 6ft from the peg. Also 2 lovely roach and 3 very decent rudd [and other bits and pieces].
    • secretary
      Nice report Peter, good to see they are showing up in the Refuge.
  13. RayR
    Fished Horseshoe on Monday 20th, peg 18. Bagged 3 common carp from 4 to around 8lb, two bream to 5.5 lb and a tench in a 9am to 2pm session. Feeder with hair rigged punched bread and spicy sausage boilie. Another angler on Peg36 had a good day with quite a few fish also using a feeder.
  14. RayT
    I fished Horseshoe Lake on the 17th, fished on peg 16 and had 11 fish for about 70lbs. Two others fishing, a new member with his father on a day day ticket they had had 7 carp by 11:30 and I think they finished with another half dozen by 3.00pm
  15. RayR
    I fished Horseshoe Lake on the 16th, fished on peg 35 and had 8 carp on a feeder with punched bread. A new member fishing peg 18 had 3 carp, 2 tench and a a bream on a method feeder fishing till 3.00pm when the rain arrived.
  16. Jim (bailiff)
    Tuesday 31 January Fished peg 19 at Horseshoe started at 8am and for first 2 hours not a bite then had 7 in the next 3. Fished towards the fallen tree. Bait was white chocolate pellet fished with a pellet cone of red aggressor 4mm inside. Had tried washed out boilie and peach and pepper wafters but like all of us they like chocolate. Catch was 3 bream (probably the ones I put in they said hello as if they knew me) 1 tench 2-3 pound and 2 commons 5 and 8lb and 1 mirror beautifully marked guess at 7lb. All weights are approx as left scales at home.
  17. RayT
    Fished Deeping Roadside 31st Dec, didn't think it would be very good as the water was very clear, I gave that peg 10 a go and had my best weight from that section ever with 22.5lb of roach. Mick Wright and Des Dalton were fishing above the foot bridge and Mick had about 15lb and Des probably 8lb
  18. Neil
    Great day at Horseshoe Lake today (24/11/2016) caught a dozen carp between 3 and 13lb. Most between 6 and 8lb. Fishing in the margins near to the point using worm and red maggot. Lake still fishing well if your lucky enough to hit the right day, so give it a try this winter.
  19. Secretary
    See latest match report for Horseshoe lake for pegs where over 200lb of fish was caught on Sunday 16th October