River Welland Re-stocking

The clubs stretch of the River Welland through Deeping St James received another batch of Bream and Tench from the Environment Agency's fish farm at Calverton. Jake Reeds from the EA released the fish from an access point at the end of Fairfax Way opposite peg 8 at Deeping Roadside in the middle of the clubs match section. These fish were above the normal average size for stocking due to the hot summer which helped the fish put on more weight than usual. There were 1500 bream and 200 tench, there has been two previous years of stocking of the same number of fish. This is hoped to bring the stocked species back to the numbers that used to be in this section prior to the failure of Low Locks Sluice gate back in the early nineties. These fish will normally take some time to become established before they tend to get caught, but if anyone is lucky enough to catch a bream or tench in this stretch of the river please let the bailiff or a club offical know, so that we can give feedback to the EA on how the stocks are progressing.

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