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Fishing Intelligence

Our waters are looked after by a team of volunteers who are ‘out and about’ observing, reporting and talking to anglers.
Bailiffs carry warrants and are officials of the club that are authorised to sell day tickets and memberships.
Water Keepers are other club members patrolling our waters and supporting the bailiffs. They have the authority to ask for proof  of membership as all club members have. 
They all use a mobile phone app, fish-i,  to record information which is pooled centrally and used to coordinate activity within the club and with external agencies .

Bailiff & Water Keeper Checks are visits to a club water checking valid memberships, reporting catches and looking for illegal activity and pollution.

Pin ClusterEach ‘pin’ on the map represents a recent patrol by a bailiff or Water Keeper. The coloured ‘radiating’ symbol with a  number inside shows a cluster of pins, click to see all the pins. On smaller screen you can remove the left hand fisheries panel by pressing the circle with 3 bars button.

Why not become a water keeper and help your club – contact the secretary for more information – here

Recent Water Keeper & Bailiff Activity