Early Bird

This page is to claim your ‘Early Bird Bonus’ voucher to fish Horseshoe Lake.
All river members who joined up until June 30th are entitled to a voucher.
The voucher can be claimed at any point in the current season.
Please complete the form below and after checking your membership you will receive an email with your voucher.

Chose your date carefully it cannot be used on any other day without prior agreement from the secretary, email – secretary@dsjac.co.uk

Fish on the day you chose and show the voucher to our bailiff.
The voucher has no monetary value.
The voucher cannot be used by any other person.
You must carry your membership card when fishing for proof of entitlement.
You must have read and agree to abide by Horseshoe Lake rules – see here
Any second claim or other abuse will render your membership void.

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Fishing Date (format YYYY-MM-DD)( required)

I understand I am claiming a free one time use voucher, any second claim or other abuse will render my membership void.-