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  • Inlet1

    Fish Refuge 2018

    Some pictures taken during the excavation of the Refuge to clear the inlet and exit channels along with most pegs…

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  • DraggingOver

    Horseshoe April17

    April 10th saw some serious tree felling at the lake. Inaccessible tree branches¬† and trees that presented a risk to…

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  • Peg1-1

    Security Camera Update

    In advance of the coming close season the club has invested in some more advanced security cameras for Horseshoe lake.…

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  • New Car Park 3

    New Roadways

    Note:- Some images appear sideways - Click them to see them the right way up Major works to enhance the…

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  • Fish Restocking at Horseshoe

    Fish Restocking at Horseshoe

    As part of the continual program of fishery improvements fish stocks a reviewed and new stock added to Horseshoe Lake.…

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  • Match Catches

    Match Catches

    See some of the winning anglers and the winning catches including some of the notable fish caught at club matches.…

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  • Working Parties

    Working Parties

    Some pictures taken during the hard work put in by the working parties to keep the fisheries looking great. Most…

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  • Horseshoe Views

    Horseshoe Views

    Some views of the lake and mature surroundings that make this lake a pleasure to fish.

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  • Horseshoe Fencing

    Horseshoe Fencing

    Extensive work last year to fence the lake. Otters posed a great threat to the fish stocks that have been…

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  • Fish Refuge Update

    Fish Refuge Update

    March 2016 and it has been almost a year since the Environment Agency (EA) completed the major work at the…

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  • Horseshoe Catches

    Horseshoe Catches

    Here are just a few of the great fish caught at Horseshoe Lake. If you have one that you want…

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