Match Result – 16th August 2020

It was the first trip for Deeping St James Angling Club to Float Fish Farm in this years' club day calendar. A change in the weather from the extremely warm days to heavy overnight rain meant fishing conditions would be challenging. Horseshoe Pool awaited the 16 Anglers and they were keen to draw the end pegs which had the proven track record.

Ray Torrington fishing from a favoured peg 3 found his method feeder approach to the far bank using hard pellets was the most productive and won him the match and Committee Cup with 94 lb 6 oz.
Anthony Johnson using "bomb and bag" to the far bank and shallow pole on 6mm pellet or maggot came in 2nd with 74 lb from peg 6.
Paul wild had some adventures up against the reeds from peg 1 but managed 54 lb 4 oz to take 3rd place.
Some nice fish caught today, including a first time Grass Carp for Andy Wilson, an Ide for Ray Morland and a bright orange bar of gold for Nathan Grech.

Worth noting was the continuous rumbling of thunder from one o'clock onward which resulted in the mass panic towards the final whistle at three o'clock ... when the thunder got louder, the lightning got brighter and the rain was torrential !
We may not have had anyone swimming this week to collect lost equipment, but we certainly had a few very wet anglers and some very wet kit.... well done to those who sacrificed weighing in and managed to get their kit away and head off quickly.

Full Result
1st Ray Torrington 94 lb 6 oz - Peg 3
2nd Anthony Johnson 74 lb 0 oz - Peg 6
3rd Paul Wild 54 lb 4 oz - Peg 1
4th Ray Morland 45 lb 9 oz - Peg 5
5th Nathan Grech 43 lb 8 oz - Peg 21
6th Nigel Collis 28 lb 13 oz - Peg 9
7th Phil Price 28 lb 1 oz - Peg 10
8th Jason Chatham 21 lb 12 oz - Peg 11
9th Graham Wright 18 lb 13 oz - Peg 13
10th Neil Speechley 16 lb 7 oz - Peg 17
11th Joe Price 10 lb 11 oz - Peg 20
=12th Ron Needham DNW - Peg 12
=12th Kevin Crompton DNW - Peg 15
=12th Les Johnson DNW - Peg 18
=12th Brian Johnson DNW - Peg 19
=12th Andy Wilson DWN - Peg 22

Committee Cup winner 2020 - Ray Torrington 94 lb 6 oz

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