Match Result – 2nd August 2020

It was the first of the two small lakes at Kingsland that would see DSJAC fish for the Dennis Clarke cup. 14 Anglers were there on a warm and dry early August day, with plenty of fish up on the surface before the match.

Ray Morland was the overall winner with 176 lb 15 oz from the end peg, fishing bread shallow on the top 2. Graham Wright was second fishing Luncheon Meat shallow with 108 lb 14 oz. Third place was Kevin Crompton from a corner peg with 104 lb 9 oz.

Full Result
1st Ray Morland 176 lb 15 oz
2nd Graham Wright 108 lb 14 oz
3rd Kevin Crompton 104 lb 9 oz
4th Anthony Johnson 100 lb 4 oz
5th Richard Bell 98 lb 9 oz
6th Nathan Grech 88 lb 4 oz
7th Ron Needham 64 lb 4 oz
8th Joe Price 64 lb 1 oz
9th Jason Chatham 58 lb 3 oz
10th Richard Grech 47 lb 2 oz
11th Les Johnson 42 lb 10 oz
12th Paul Wild 35 lb 13 oz
13th Phil Price 29 lb 7 oz
14th Andy Wilson DNW

Dennis Clarke Cup 2020 Winner - Ray Morland 176 lb 15 oz

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