Peg Improvement

working PartyA tremendous amount of work goes on around our venues to ensure they are in great condition when you arrive.
Trees and bushes are trimmed around the pegs and likely fish holding spots, pegs are boarded or slabbed to provide a flat solid base to fish from and the grass is mowed and litter removed.

Keeping on top of the maintenance work is a never ending job so WE NEED YOUR HELP

If you spot something that needs to be done on or around a peg, trees trimmed, board replacement etc then let the working party team know.

Fill in the form below it can then be added to the list of jobs for that venue.

All venue improvement is done by working parties run by Andy Wilson.

If you can give a few hours of your time to help the club keep the venues in tip-top condition add your email address and Andy  will be in touch with when and where you could help.

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