Fish Refuge 2018

  • Inlet1
  • Inlet0
  • Arrival
  • Bridge1
  • Bridge3
  • Peg6
  • Bridge2
  • Pathway
  • Exit1
  • Inlet2
  • Peg1-3

Some pictures taken during the excavation of the Refuge to clear the inlet and exit channels along with most pegs during March 2018

3 Responses

  1. peter barwell
    looking good. the work should give slightly more depth of water too.
    • secretary
      I am sure it will, inlet and exit were at about 7ft when dredged. Lets hope we get some catch reports from March 15th onwards so we can see whats moved in. Always find pike in the basin but lets hope for some bream and tench. Fingers Crossed
  2. Brian johnson
    Great job by Fen Ditching, And well done to those in the managment committee that organised the work, and took time off work to oversea the work, making sure that the project ran smoothly and to plan, Tight lines every one,

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