River Levels

To help club members decide if fishing is possible on our rivers and lake during times of high rainfall we have provided live water depth data.
Each of the locations below shows the water level at the location, time of the latest measurement, water depth and highest recent reading.
We have also included a note on the likely conditions.

We cannot tell the extent of any flooding at the location, but this information may avoid you driving to the river or lake to find you cannot reach the bank or fish.
You can always contact the secretary for the latest information - secretary@dsjac.co.uk
Many thanks to the Environment Agency & RiverLevels.uk for access to the live river monitoring system and data.

River Nene

Location: Wansford near Wansford
Date: 30-09-2020 20:45:00
Water Depth: 0.362m

Highest Recent Depth:2.27m on - 26-11-2012 15:15:00
Typical High Value: 1.38m
Typical Low Value: 0.177m
Notes:-Depth OK - Lake & Stibbington Open and Fishable

Past Week

River Welland
Deeping Stretch

Location: Deeping St James, Eastgate, near Stowgate Road
Date: 30-09-2020 6:00:00
Water Depth: 0.971m

Highest Recent Depth:1.19m on - 13-01-2015 18:15:00
Typical High Value: 1.152m
Typical Low Value: 0.944m

Past Week

Location: Deeping Gate, Bridge Street, Opposite Baptist Church
Date: 30-09-2020 7:15:00
Water Depth: 0.109m

Highest Recent Depth:0.46m on - 21-12-2012 11:00:00
Typical High Value: 0.188m
Typical Low Value: 0.038m

Past Week

Nearest to Crowland Bridge

Location: Marsh Road Sluice near Spalding
Date: 30-09-2020 19:00:00
Water Depth: 1.395m

Highest Recent Depth:1.87m on - 13-12-2014 9:15:00
Typical High Value: 1.452m
Typical Low Value: 0.954m

Past Week