Stibbington Refuge Major Improvements

Inlet Channel Before

Over the last few years the Refuge has  been un-fishable during the summer months. This has been  primarily due to low rates back through into the river caused by excessive weed growth. The inlet channel had become very overgrown thus blocking the flow through the Refuge.

As part of a £5000 project  the club  has overseen the dredging on this major excavation work carried out by a local company, Fen Ditching, using a 13 tonne long reach digger.

After 3 days work the inlet and exit channels have been cleared along with pegs 1 to 3 by the  entrance gate, and peg 6 all the way to the footbridge.

With the recent high river levels from snow melt the flow now going through the Refuge will help scour out weeds and encourage more fish to use it.

Inlet Channel After

Only job left is to get the fallen tree removed by peg 6, this is the responsibility of the treatment works and they have assured us they will deal with it.

This hopefully means  the fishing over the river close season, the Refuge is open during this period, will be much better than in previous years with hopefully some bream and tench showing with the silvers.

To see more pictures from the work see the gallery  - here


Digging the Exit Channel

Looking up the Refuge from peg 6.

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