Watch Out – Trevor’s About

TrevorL Trevor Lennon as outgoing club secretary made a monetary gift to the club to purchase a large common carp to be put in Horseshoe Lake for the benefit and enjoyment of club members.
The management comittee agreed this generous gift should be called 'Trevor' and form part of an ongoing competition with rewards for catching him.

The competition rules are:-
If you catch Trevor you must record his weight and take a photograph, with a witness if possible,

  1. The first person to catch Trevor in a season ( 1st May to 30thApril) will get a free lake permit for the following season
  2. Any subsequent catches of Trevor will be entered into a draw for a free lake permit for the following season

If you catch Trevor send the following details to the secretary by email - secretary@deeping
Your name
Witness name if possible
Lake permit number
Day you caught Trevor
Trevors Weight
Picture of Trevor

'Trevor' has been purchased and has a distinctive notch in the fourth dorsal spine and a small scar on the nose. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.
We have had several claims for catching Trevor - none sucessfull, read more - here

He is now in the lake so go get him!

Trevor 1 12lb 4ozTrevor 3Trevor 2