Club Trophy History

Our club has had a long and varied history since 1875, as have the trophies.
Below is the history of the each trophy, as it is understood today.

See the winners of these trophies over the last few years – here

Armstrong Cup. Donated by a short term club member. Winner declared club champion with the highest total points over the season.

Away Day Cup. Club Cup. Usually fished on venues not local hence the name

Billing Cup. Presented by DSJAC in recognition of the services rendered by Mr C H Billing. For the best season aggregate weight over 3 summer and 3 winter matches.

Challenge Cup – See Cyril Newman Trophy

Club Cup. No long history of this cup but believed to be club purchased.

Committee Cup. Club Cup for the highest placed committee member for that particular event.

Cyril Newman Trophy. This is the trophy for the challenge match against Yaxley AC and was donated by Cyril Newman who had a tackle shop on Lincoln Road in Peterborough, where many club members would have bought tackle and bait. This has now been replaced with The Challenge Cup from 2014. Two match series on home and away venues with highest aggregate weight.

Dennis Clarke Cup. Donated by Nobby Clarke who had a tackle shop in Deeping St James.

DILS Cup. Deeping Individual League Series Cup, best four from five matches on points.

Doxam Rosebowl.  The original Doxam trophy was a stuffed fish in a case which was sold on the internet and the proceeds used to buy the Rosebowl. This was donated by Fred Doxam who used to live at The Mere in Deeping St James. This venue was often used by the club for Junior and Committee matches.

Exeter Trophy. Donated by the Marquess of Exeter (Burghley House). The daughter is Lady Victoria Leatham who is the clubs patron.

Jim Measures Memorial Trophy. Leading club member in donating and purchasing the shares in the Several Fisheries. Staunch member of the club and committee, and was Chairman for a time. Father of Jill Hole (wife of Russell Hole).

John Harris Cup. Tackle shop and general stores in Deeping St James. No connection to club.

John Slack Memorial Trophy. Long standing committee member.

Knockout Cup. Club trophy. ( see match rule 7).

Les Wiles Cup. Donated by a very committed club and committee member, he lived in Peterborough until his death.

Newman Cup. Same as for Cyril Newman but for a club match.

Non Cup Winners Cup. Club Cup that is won on the last cup match by the highest placed angler who has not won any other trophy by the end of the season.

Pairs Cup. Club Cup for the winners of a pairs competition.

Remembrance Shield. Donated to the club by Chairman Andy Wilson. Fished for on Remembrance Sunday.

Russell Hole Trophy – See Social Cup

Severals Fishery Cup. Club Cup. To be fished on the Welland if possible or any club water.

Social Cup. Club Cup became fully engraved winners and was changed in 2014 to the Russell Hole Trophy, along with a change of reason to win. It is now awarded to the most outstanding club member who has contributed the most to the club, or for an unusual activity, outside of any club fishing match.

South Holland Cup. Donated to the club after the South Holland League finished. Four match series won on points.

Tombleson Tankard. Donated by Peter Tombleson who was an author and journalist who worked on the Angling Times, and head of the National Anglers Council and lived at Peakirk. Awarded for the best specimen fish caught in a club match.

Wade Cup. Donated by Roland Wade who was the club solicitor, involved in the accumulation of shares for the Several Fisheries, the solicitors then became part of a practice in Peterborough and held the Several Fisheries deeds for some time. The deeds are now lodged at the Land Registry and the solicitors are now no longer connected to the club. Fished over three matches with the highest aggregate weight.