We proudly work with these organisations for the benefit of club members and angling.

The Angling Trust
The Angling Trust oversees the development of angling for three disciplines — coarse, sea, and game fishing.
The Trust is run primarily for the protection of angling by encouraging increased government support and Environment Agency protection for angling and fisheries, as well as the prevention of fish disease and parasites.
Other issues include the control of nuisance predators, co-ordinated action on poaching and fish theft, and the provision of education and coaching to people in the wider community.

What is the Angling Improvement Fund?
The Angling Improvement Fund (AIF) is a way of reinvesting income from fishing licence sales in projects which benefit anglers across England.
Since its launch in 2015, the AIF has made over 500 separate awards totalling over £2m to clubs and fisheries that aimed to improve the infrastructure of angling facilities all of which support the National Angling Strategy.
The club has benefitted from the AIF on several projects across our waterways and lake.

Environment Agency in the Eastern Region
The Environment Agency has the responsibility of maintaining, improving and developing fisheries now and for the future.

They want to improve fish stocks and provide a better environment for wildlife and people. They want to make it possible for more people of all abilities to enjoy angling and for fisheries in Anglian Region to provide a positive contribution to the quality of people’s lives.

Healthy fish populations in our rivers and still waters are a good indication that we are looking after our water environment. Angling provides a valuable opportunity for economic growth particularly in rural areas. It is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone and has the potential to provide positive social, health and educational benefits. It can build self-esteem and confidence and is increasingly being used to address social inclusion and to tackle antisocial behaviour.
The club regularly meets with the local team and benefits from the advice and specialist guidance the team offer from fish stocking, fish surveys, weed and disease control.

Nene Welland and Witham Consultative Association
The Eastern Region Fishery Forum which is one of the eight across England to provide focus at Regional level within the Angling Trust.
It also has a key role to play in maintaining effective communications with the Regional Environment Agency and local clubs and anglers groups to build partnerships that  benefit  anglers.
Club management  members attend this forum to voice club issues at a region level and hear about initiatives from the nation bodies.