Club Days


Winter & Summer Club Days 2018/2018=9
As last year we will be running the Winter Clubs Days, these will be on the first Sunday of every month  between November to March. The only exception will be the November club day, this will be on Sunday 11th November for the Remembrance day shield and in keeping with the long running club tradition of it being fished for on Remembrance day.

All of the Winter days will be fished on the clubs own natural rivers and waters, and are open to all members.
Complete the form below to register your interest in the Winter Club Days Tony Johnson is running the Winter Series so if you have any questions you can contact him on -

Summer Club Days
The club has booked a number of different venues across the summer so members can try a new water alongside experienced members.  This is a great way to epand you fishing skills at a new venue with knowledgable members to help with tactics and methods.

These days are primarily a social event and not just for the match section of the club, and is a chance to meet other members,  as well as having a days fishing with a friendly bit of competition thrown in on the side.

Since club days were introduced we have had club members come along who have never been to them previously and really enjoyed picking up lots of tips and advice to improve their own fishing skills and knowledge, and had a great day out.
So if you are interested, please come along and enjoy a social event with a days fishing and meet your fellow members.

# All attendees on the Fur and Feather match in December will go away with a prize, such as a bottle of wine or box of chocolates, etc. as in keeping with the clubs tradition.
## - The venues will be decided in the week leading up to the day, mainly due to conditions of the venue and also to take advantage of venues that are fishing well at the time. Once decided then the venue of the individual club day, will be sent out via email, published here and on DSJAC Facebook page.

Note: - There will be a £1 peg fee for all attending, that goes back into club funds and there will be an optional £5 pool on the day for anyone who is interested, but is not compulsory.

Fill in the form below to get more information.

Date Competition Location
Sunday, May 6 Club Day & Knockout cup Horseshoe Lake
Sunday, May 13 Club Day Lake Ross
Sunday, June 3 Club Day Decoy Lakes- Cedar
Sunday, June 10 Club Day Kingsland - Small Pool
Sunday, June 24 Club Day Lake Ross
Sunday, July 1 Club Day Decoy Lakes - Lou's
Sunday, July22 Club Day Gedney - Match Lake
Sunday, July 15 Club Day Horseshoe Lake Evening
Sunday, August 5 Club Day Gedney Match Lake
Sunday, August 19 Club Day Kingsland Large
Sunday, September 2 Club Day Decoy Lakes- Horseshoe
Sunday, September 9 Club Day Kingsland - Small Lake
Sunday, September 16 Club Day Gedney - Match Lake
Sunday, October 7 Club Day Lake Ross
Sunday, October 14 Club Day Horseshoe Lake
Sunday, November 11 Club Day Deeping Roadside


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Sunday, November 12Sunday, December 2Sunday, January 7Sunday, February 4Sunday, March 4Sunday, March 25

Sunday, May 6Sunday, May 13Sunday, June 3Sunday, June 10Sunday, June 24Sunday, July 1Sunday, July 15Sunday, July 22Sunday, August 5Sunday, August 19Sunday, September 2Sunday, September 9Sunday, September 16Sunday, October 7Sunday, October 14

Other Details
Duration - Each events of fishing time will be 4 hours in Winter , 5 hours in Summer .
Timing - Meet at 8:30, arrange pegs and pools, fishing from 10:00 till 14:00/15:00
Keep nets - Loan nets can be arranged, please indicate in your reply.
Club Cups - We are looking at what cups can be allocated to the events, more information to follow.
Prizes and Pools - On the day for those interested a prize pool will be created and the amounts for 1st, 2nd & 3rd declared. If numbers permit two pools will be made from all match and all leisure anglers with prizes for each pool..
Pegs - To ensure knowledge is shared leisure and match anglers will be on alternate pegs.