New Fish Stocks For Horseshoe Lake

With the lake now having an electric fence to complement the existing otter fencing, the clubs committee made the decision to start some restocking to further enhance the fishery.

Restocking in progress

On Thursday the 1st August nearly 1200 lbs of common and mirror carp weighing between 1.5 lbs and 3 lbs ( Cormorant proof! ) were released in to the lake. Half of these were put in to peg 26 as some feel this peg doesn't hold many fish !! There was also a bonus common carp of 9 lbs, this fish and the others were carefully released by the fish suppliers and committee member Paul Chambers.

Paul Chambers with 9 lb carp

2 Responses

  1. Geoff Tarrant
    Carp are not “ Cormorants proof “ at even 7-8lb and are still prone to damage such as blindness caused by these birds stabbing at them . I have seen carp of those sizes eaten on numerous occasions.
    • secretary
      Hi Geoff, Thanks for the post on the site. We refer to the small stock fish as 'cormorant proof' as they are not as easy to catch as sub 1lb fish. We usually stock from 2 to 4lb which are better at eluding the cormorants and herons. Fish are expensive so we do not want to feed the birds at your expense. Fully appreciate both birds will attack larger fish, vertical heron strikes can be seen down the backs of some our larger bream.

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