Match Result – 26th July 2020

Lake Ross for today’s match following heavy over night rain, the temperature was warm and the wind a little blustery, but the sheltered venue provided good cover.
Fishing for the Club Cup Richard Bell was the winner from Peg Number 12 with 108 lb 2 oz. Fishing the first hour on the feeder and getting 20 lb in the net, he switched to both the left and right margins on the pole using cat meat and paste over pellet and corn. Second place for Nathan Grech fishing his first match with DSJAC with 82 lb 12 oz from peg number 14. Third Place to Graham Wright with 73 lb 8 oz from peg 19.

Full Result
1st Richard Bell 108 lb 2 oz
2nd Nathan Grech 82 lb 12 oz
3rd Graham Wright 73 lb 8 oz
4th Ray Moreland 69 lb 8 oz
5th Colin Fisher 67 lb 0 oz
6th Joe Price 48 lb 1 oz
7th Richard Grech 45 lb 13 oz
8th Jason Chatham 38 lb 5 oz
9th Paul Sugarman 33 lb 13 oz
10th Phil Price 32 lb 3 oz
11th Ian Martin 3 lb 6 oz
12th Andy Wilson DNW

 Club Cup Winner 2020

Club Cup Winner 2020 Richard Bell – 108 lb 2 oz