Match Result – Sunday 8th August 2021

It was the second visit of the year to Kingsland and the “Silvers” lake was the destination this time around. Warm sun, light showers, heavy rain, windy, calm, fair to say most weather conditions were witnessed. Whilst the lake is called silvers and there is an exceptional stock of Roach, Rudd, Bream, small Carp and Tench. It also holds some really good sized and aggressive fighting carp. All Twenty one pegs on the lake have very large well constructed platforms making for comfortable fishing.

Anglers were fishing for the Dennis Clarke Cup with current holder Ray Morland not available. Ray winning at the same venue last year with 176lbs 15 oz was the highest weight of the year. This trophy was donated by Nobby Clarke who had a tackle shop in Deeping St James.

Ray Torrington dominated the match with an impressive 127lbs and 14 oz. Fishing the margins with cat meat and spam from peg 9. Second place to Mike Mosely with 91 lbs 9 oz from peg 15. Mike fished the method feeder with micros and 8mm pellet tight to the marginal reeds (although he switched to pellet on the bomb for the last hour because he ran out of Micros !). Third place went to Phil Price with 75 lbs 8 oz fishing face on to the wind from peg 7. Phil’s approach was method feeder and Wafter.

Sections wins for Paul Wild, Peter Wray and Jason Chatham

Knockout Cup – Phil Price beat Paul Chambers
The final of the Knockout cup will be between Nathan Grech and Phil Price.

Full Result
1st Ray Torrington 127 lbs 14 oz – Peg #9
2nd Mike Moseley 91 lbs 9 oz – Peg #15
3rd Phil Price 75 lbs 8 oz – Peg #7
4th Paul Wild 63 lbs 10 oz – Peg #13
5th Pete Wray 38 lbs 10 oz – Peg #6
6th Nathan Grech 35 lbs 1 oz – Peg #10
7th Jason Chatham 33 lbs 4 oz – Peg #1
8th Neil Footitt 25 lbs 12 oz – Peg #5
9th Trevor Lennon 20 lbs 11 oz – Peg #11
10th Neil Speechley 20 lbs 2 oz – Peg #3
11th Richard Grech 15 lbs 0 oz – Peg #2
12th Paul Chambers 12 lbs 13 oz – Peg #8
13th Joe Price 7 lbs 3 oz – Peg #4
=14th Lawrence Grech DNW – Peg #12
=14th Andy Wilson DNW – Peg #14

Dennis Clarke Cup Winner 2021 – Ray Torrington 127lbs 14oz