Major Tree Work at Horseshoe

[caption id="attachment_4560" align="alignright" width="300"] Far Bank before felling[/caption] Part of the planned work during the close period was the tidy up and removal of some trees. Five trees on the bank opposite peg 19 were at a 45 degree angle and presented a risk to the Otter Fence. These along with some high branches in…
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Great Turn Out @ 1st Working Party

We had a great turn out for the 1st of this years work parties, I would like to thank all 20 members that caem along. The attendees were spilt into two gangs, the fencing gang supervised by Brian Johnson did a fantastic job get 125 metres of new fencing up along the Swan Vesta bank,…
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Persistance Pays with 18lb Carp

This was my first year with the club and have really enjoyed it. Plenty or summer evenings spent last year at Horseshoe chasing tench and carp and a successful winter session or two after chub on the river behind the lake. Love the peace and quiet and the lovely surroundings at Horseshoe. A real joy…
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