1 Sept, Gedney SHCS 4 + Pairs Cup

Deeping were back at Gedney North View Lakes for the final round of the South Holland Cup Series and the Pairs Cup. With the sudden change to cooler weather many were finding the going difficult as the fish were reluctant to come in to the margins but match winner Tony Johnson made it look easy. Fishing peg 6 Tony went to full depth at two plus two on the pole with banded 8 mm pellet to take carp to 8lb for a total of 148lb 8oz . In second place from peg 9 was Phil Price who did manage to get the fish in to the deeper margin to catch on expander pellet to weigh 80lb 1oz. Third place went to Ray Torrington on peg 4 catching on the feeder and at two plus one on the pole for 72lb 13oz.

The Pairs Cup was won by Tony Johnson and Jason Chatham with a combined weight of 172lb 15oz. The SHCS was won by Ray Torrington on 38 points, second was Phil Price on 30 points and Kevin Crompton was third with 22 points.

Tony Johnson 148 lb 8 oz

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