5 January, River Welland – Deeping St James

The Welland appeared to be in fine form with many catches over 20lb being taken by pleasure anglers during the Christmas and New year break, so it was perfectly set for the Second Round of the DILS cup and the Several Fisheries Trophy. Relatively mild conditions and light winds made the river look to be in perfect form. But, that's just angling talk and the day was far from the predicted easy session. It was Ray Torrington that managed to make the best of the changed form weighing in dead on 10lbs. Fishing mostly with Punched bread and feeding liquidised bread a third to half way across from peg number 9, catching mainly Roach.

1st Ray Torrington 10lb 0oz
2nd Graham Wright 8lb 9oz
3rd Jason Chatham 7lb 10oz
4th Ron Needham 3lb 11oz
5th Paul Chambers 0lb 10oz
6th Ian Martin 0lb 6oz
=7th Peter Hodson DNW
Phil Price DNW
David Marzell DNW

Winner of The Several Fisheries Trophy - Ray Torrington 10lb 0oz

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