8 December, Fish Refuge, Stibbington

The high levels of the river Nene that feeds the Fish Refuge at Stibbington made this Sunday'a match look unlikely to proceed. Undeterred by the chocolate coloured water a few brave souls took part in the Deeping St James AC annual Fur and Feather. High winds and icy rain turned the conditions pretty bleak, but Graham Wright found Bleak to be his fortune, landing an estimated 600+ to build a winning weight of 7lb 14oz. Fishing at 3 metres on the whip with maggot, most of his catch came in the last 2 hours from corner peg number 3. It was mainly Bleak with the odd small roach that fell to the rest of the anglers.

1st Graham Wright - 7lb 14oz
2nd Ray Torrington - 2lb 10oz
3rd Ron Needham - 1lb 14 oz
4th Nigel Collis - 0lb 15oz
5th Neil Speechey - 0lb 8oz
6th Ian Martin 0lb 6oz
7th Jason Chatham 0lb 4oz
8th Antony Johnson - DNW

Winner Graham Wright - 7 lbs 14oz

Special mention for Nigel Collis today for turning his attention mid match to a spot of predator action....

Nigel Collis - "Don't tell him your name pike"

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