Chicken Legs at Crowland!!!

You would be forgiven for thinking that it was April 1 or that this was a scam or fake news, but unfortunately it is true. The club's head bailiff Ray Torrington was patrolling the wide Welland while the regular bailiff Dave Dawkins is recovering from some operations. Some predator anglers informed him of some chicken/turkey legs that they had hooked on their lures whilst fishing around Crowland Bridge. Further investigation from the road bridge showed a number of large white patches on the river bed which meant a large number of carcasses had be dumped of the bridge.

This information was passed on to the Environment Agency Incident Department, where it was found to be the second incident of this nature in the same location this year. The angling Club raised the concern on what impact it would have to the water quality and the fish stocks and wild life. We were assured that during decay it would be eaten by fish and other water born creatures and it shouldn't create any problems.

Crowland Bridge. Dumping area between nearest two bridge supports.

What all parties agree on is that this is an illegal act of fly tipping which the local council have been made aware off.

Could all anglers be vigilant around the clubs waters especially near bridges, and report any suspicious activities to the Environment Agency on
0800 80 70 60 , also if the incident is in progress called 999 or if not call 101 to report it, also please report any incident to a club official. Please help to protect our environment.

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