Match Result – 12th July 2020

An eventful day, an expensive day, a frustrating day ..... all ways to describe the latest trip to Decoy lakes for DSJAC. The limited pegs on Lou's lake meant a restriction in numbers of anglers, but coupled with its tight peg location it made for a very sociable occasion with anglers sharing in each others highs and lows. It's not every day your Club chairman lands himself a fish that includes a free top 2 + pole cup + float. It's not everyday yours truly looses his top 3 and wades in to recover. Ron Needham and Colin Fisher are definitely going to need a trip to the local tackle shops to replace countless lost hooks and rigs and Nigel Collis will also be assessing the damage to his favourite rod !

Fishing was difficult on a lake that had seen a fair bit of action in recent days, but Ray Torrington took pole position with 73 lb 5 oz from a very un-favoured peg 1, winning the overall match for the Newman Cup and beating Nigel Collis in the Final round of the Individual Knockout Cup. Second was Brian Johnson from one of the lakes flyers with 58 lb 13 oz but there was no sign of fish in that famous margin. In another un-favoured peg and amongst the "reeds" Colin Fisher managed 3rd place with 43 lb 15 oz.

Full Result
1st Ray Torrington 73 lb 5 oz
2nd Brian Johnson 58 lb 13 oz
3rd Colin Fisher 43 lb 15 oz
4th Paul Wild 39 lb 6 oz
5th Richard Grech 35 lb 2 oz
6th Graham Wright 31 lb 2 oz
7th Nigel Collis 30 lb 9 oz
8th Ron Needham 30 lb 0 oz
9th Kevin Compton 25 lb 13 oz
10th Jason Chatham 25 lb 8 oz
11th Richard Bell 24 lb 3 oz
12th Joe Price 17 lb 11 oz
13th Phil Price 11 lb 12 oz
=14th Andy Wilson DNW
=14th Paul Chambers DNW

Next Match - Sunday 26th July, Lake Ross, Spalding.

Ray Torrington - Newman Cup and Individual Knockout Cup Winner 2020

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