Match Result – 4th October 2020

Twenty one Anglers turned up on a damp but mild October Sunday morning to fish the club's own lake at Sibson. The numbers were swelled by some new faces, including anglers that had never match fished before. Plus a couple more returning to match fishing after many years away.

This was the third and final round of the Club's Wade Cup. Fished over 3 matches with the winner having the highest aggregate weight. The Wade cup was donated to the club by Donald Wade. He was instrumental in collecting and holding the shares of what we know as the Several Fisheries stretch of the River Welland through the Deeping's.

Also at today's match the anglers were competing for the Les Wiles Cup. This was donated by a very committed club and committee member, who lived in Peterborough.

Mike Moseley, a regular on the Horseshoe lake at Sibson, but in his first match showed how it should be done. Winning with an impressive weight of 43 lb 11 oz of Carp from peg 37. Mike started off with the method feeder and micros to the reed bed with 8mm Wafter hook bait, but with no bites he switched to milled pellets and caught steadily for the rest of the day.

Second place for Nathan Grech with 37 lb from peg 14. Catching Carp on the tip to the far bank using inline method feeder and ground bait also with Wafter hook bait. Alternating on a pole line for Bream using ground bait, worm, castors and dead red maggots with 3-4 dead reds on the hook.

Third place to Les Johnson with 28 lb 2 oz from peg 15. Tightly cast to the far bank, using method feeder and micros with luncheon meat hook bait.

In the Wade Cup, despite struggling from a once dominant peg 39, Ray Torrington's aggregate weight of 88 lb 12 oz from the 3 Horseshoe lake matches through this summer gave him a near 30lb lead over his rivals.

Les Wiles Cup Full Match Result
1st Mike Moseley 43 lb 11 oz - Peg #37
2nd Nathan Grech 37 lb 0 oz - Peg #14
3rd Les Johnson 28 lb 2 oz - Peg #15
4th Colin Fisher 19 lb 13 oz - Peg #19
5th Phil Price 19 lb 12 oz - Peg #5
=6th Jason Chatham 15 lb 2 oz - Peg #16
=6th Paul Wild 15 lb 2 oz - Peg #18
8th Ray Torrington 13 lb 5 oz - Peg #39
9th Ray Morland 13 lb 4 oz - Peg #11
10th Wayne boulter 13 lb 3 oz - Peg #9
11th Joe Price 8 lb 10 oz - Peg #35
12th Brian Johnson 8 lb 0 oz - Peg #23
13th Ray Richardson 7 lb 3 oz - Peg #7
14th Richard Grech 3 lb 5 oz - Peg #10
15th Neil Footitt 1 lb 7 oz - Peg #17
16th Neil Speechley 14 oz - Peg #33
=17th Graham Wright DNW - Peg 13
=17th Stuart Baxter DNW - Peg #26
=17th Chris Freeman DNW - Peg #29
=17th Ian Martin DNW - Peg #31
=17th Ron Needham DNW - Peg #40

Wade Cup Result (after 3 rounds)
1st Ray Torrington 88 lb 12 oz
2nd Ray Morland 59 lb 9 oz
3rd Antony Johnson 57 lb 14 oz
4th Graham Wright 54 lb 15 oz
5th Brian Johnson 52 lb 10 oz
6th Stuart Baxter 50 lb 10 oz
7th Phil Price 45 lb 11 oz
8th Les Johnson 41 lb 8 oz
9th Nathan Grech 37 lb 0 oz
10th Jason Chatham 34 lb 9 oz
11th Paul Sugarman 27 lb 0 oz
12th Nigel Collis 25 lb 14 oz
13th Neil Speechley 25 lb 13 oz
14th Ron Needham 25 lb 9 oz
15th David Marzell 21 lb 1 oz
16th Ray Richardson 20 lb 9 oz
17th Kevin Crompton 20 lb 8 oz
18th Colin Fisher 19 lb 13 oz
19th Paul Wild 16 lb 8 oz
20th Stephen Oliver 10 lb 6 oz
21st Joe Price 10 lb 4 oz
22nd Neil Footitt 8 lb 14 oz
23rd Richard Bell 3 lb 8 oz
24th Richard Grech 3 lb 5 oz

Les Wiles Cup Winner - Mike Moseley 43 lb 11 oz

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