Just A Few Days to Go

May 1st new season start at Horseshoe Lake

A warm welcome to all new members and those returning for another year.
Don’t Forget
1) Carry your membership card at all times We have some new water keepers who will ask to see your card, as can any other club member or a bailiff.
Who are water keepers ? – find out more – here
Easier to have it with you than be asked to stop fishing and fetch it from the car.
2) A new gate code will open the main gate, the number is on the back of your new membership card. Please treat the padlock with some care, two have been broken by club members in recent months at a cost of £40 each.
3) New rules apply for lake day tickets applying to river members and lake guests, you must have a valid day ticket before you start fishing. This can be purchased at the lake or in advance on-line. Details can be found on the notice board at the lake or on the web site – here

Fish Welfare Reminders
Landing Nets If you have been to another fishery recently you may carry a fish virus on your landing net.
Please leave wet nets on the bank for 15 minutes before using.
Don’t Bully Fish It is early season and fish are preparing to spawn, play fish before landing, treat them carefully and return to the water immediately.

Water Quality & Fish Health

The club has been monitoring water quality for the last three years, regularly checking chemical composition and oxygen levels across the lake to protect fish stocks.
Fish can be stressed by chemical build up in the water as well as low oxygen content, the first signs of both is a drop off in feeding activity. Continual exposure and lack of oxygen will result in fish deaths.
With water temperature a key factor in oxygen depletion the club will be deploying our oxygenation pumps at times of high water temperature this Summer.
They are petrol driven so you may find them active during your session, they are only run for about an hour.
A bit of noise for an hour is better than a lot of dead fish

Water Testing

Horseshoe Insights
If you are planing your first trip to Horseshoe, or are a regular, why not take advantage of some help and advice.
The lake was recently depth scanned by Jake Reeds from the Environment Agency and you can use his results to understand the water depth in your chosen peg.
Visit our web page and download the depth map – here
You can find his full report and an animated fly-by of the lake depths on the club You Tube Channel – here
Advice on Techniques?
If you would like some advice on feeder and pole fishing the lake Tony Johnson has two videos that can be very helpful. Watch the videos on the club You Tube Channel – here